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Daily Blend: 04/15/13

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Guantànamo Bay detention camp fence

My thoughts and hopes go to Boston, MA today. How utterly senseless.

  • Alternate lede: “Sure, Gitmo detainees [pictured] were captured without charges and illegally imprisoned far away from home for many years with zero due process … but hey, they get to enjoy books and videogames (in between all that sleep deprivation and waterboarding)!”
    (via @ggreenwald)

  • In response to UK’s current measles epidemic, The Independent gives platform to discredited quack responsible for modern anti-vaccination movement. (They later retracted the article.)

  • Canadian feminist becomes latest target of those compassionate, “human rights”-oriented Men’s Rights Activists.

  • And finally, here’s what religion has done for us this month:

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  • Massive Islamic protests in Bangladesh calling for the hanging of “blasphemous” bloggers;
  • The New Zealand Herald: “Beheadings in Papua New Guinea for sorcery”;
  • Five Jerusalem women arrested for violating Israeli law by praying out loud in public, which ultra-orthodox men find “provocative”;
  • The Guardian: “Muslim Brotherhood backlash against UN declaration on women rights”;
  • Hamas in Gaza Strip orders genderal segregation in all schools;
  • BBC News: “Kenya condom advert pulled after religious complaints”;
  • French man Wilfred de Bruijn assaulted and beaten for walking with his boyfriend in public;
  • Large anti-gay protests in Paris, France against pending same-sex marriage legislation;
  • Gay Star News: “Gay man ‘stoned to death’ in Somalia”;
  • Senior pastor Bertheophilus M. Bailey Sr. at Claremore, OK’s Mount Zion Baptist Church charged with punching his son in the face;
  • “Former Franklin County Pastor Charged With Sexual Torture, Abuse”;
  • Teacher at Pleasanton, CA’s Centerpointe Christian Preschool ties up two-year-old girl for refusing to nap;
  • The Times: “Priest accused of sexual abuse at West Sussex children’s home”;
  • Indiana megachurch pastor Jack Schapp fired and jailed for molesting troubled 16-year-old girl across state lines;
  • BBC News: “Ex-priest Patrick McCabe sentenced for child abuse”;
  • Pastor Artelino Vallada at Toronto, CA’s Jesus Christ the Open Door Church charged with sexually assaulting four girls and women;
  • Irish Central: “Irish Priest accused of sexual abuse pleads with Pope Francis not to be dismissed from Church”;
  • Police confiscate computers from priest’s home after tracing downloads of child porn to his parish offices;
  • RTE News: “South African cardinal says paedophilia 'not a criminal condition'” [Which it isn’t. Child molestation is. Get it right, people. —JM]
  • Priest Angel Perez of Woodburn, OR’s Saint Luke Catholic Church accused of molesting 12-year-old boy;
  • “Former Wetumpka youth pastor sentenced to 10 years in prison in sexual abuse of child”;
  • Rev. David Kramer jailed for molesting young boys in US and Australia;
  • “Oregon priest gets 6 years for child sex abuse”;
  • Associate pastor Darin Evans at Elmhurst, IL’s West Suburban Community Church imprisoned for having sex with an underaged girl in public spaces;
  • PressTV: “Austrian former priest charged with sexual abuse of minors”;
  • Rev. James Burnett of Mokena, IL’s Saint Mary’s Parish accused of molesting several young boys in his care; diocese accused of knowingly sheltering crooked priests;
  • Pink News: “Cardinal O’Brien alleged to have been in long-standing physical relationship with male priest”;
  • North Carolina Republican lawmakers propose bill to establish state religion (bill has since failed);
  • Oneindia: “Rajasthan: Video reveals family commits suicide to meet god”; and
  • Woman at church asks worshipers give “$100”, “$1,000” or “$150,000” if they can.
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