Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Daily Blend: 04/09/13

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Rehtaeh Parsons (17)
Rehtaeh Parsons
  • Another teenaged rape victim [pictured] falls victim to rape culture and takes her own life.

  • Today in pearl-clutching hilarity: Exposing the top “facilitators” of the US’s “porn pandemic”, including Google Play and the American Library Association! (Also: Bonus video featuring Morality in Media’s resident porn-awareness girl scout.)

  • Westboro Baptist Church to complete Roger Ebert’s awesome legacy.
    (via Joe. My. God.)

  • And finally, I break my practice of ignoring such things by pointing out that the US Interior Department’s Instagram gallery is chock-full of fuckin’ awesomeness like this:
    (via BuzzFeed)

  • Sunset over Canyonlands National Park (Utah, USA)
    [source | full size (607×600)]

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