Sunday, April 07, 2013

Handy GOP-to-English guide

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Ever find it confusing to translate all those illogical Republican talking points and dog whistles into plain English? Well, worry no more:

Chart: “GOP Translator” [source:]
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GOP Translator

“Family”: The War on Gays

“Pro-Life”: Pro-War, Pro-Death Penalty, and Pro-We Choose For You

“Religious Freedom”: Freedom to Spread Christianity

“War on Religion”: It’s unacceptable that our laws and culture aren’t based solely on my interpretation of the bible[caps sic]

“Capitalism”: A market economy that’s rigged towards the “Job Creators”

“Job Creators”: The source of lobbying funds that keep the system rigged

“Class Warfare”: Stop pointing out that the system is rigged

“Elitist”: Educated

“Liberal bias”: The facts don’t fit our narrative


It truly is a scary, bizarre world they live in.

(via Political Irony)