Thursday, April 04, 2013

Ancient Peruvian mountain ice undone in two decades

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Global warming

Whoulda thunk it: Those conspiracy-mongering scientists are so influential with their all their “climate change”-talk that they’ve even got the weather around the globe going along with their crazy warnings:

Glacial ice in the Peruvian Andes that took at least 1,600 years to form has melted in just 25 years, scientists reported Thursday, the latest indication that the recent spike in global temperatures has thrown the natural world out of balance.

The evidence comes from a remarkable find at the margins of the Quelccaya ice cap in Peru, the world’s largest tropical ice sheet. Rapid melting there in the modern era is uncovering plants that were locked in a deep freeze when the glacier advanced many thousands of years ago.


Global warming, which scientists say is being caused primarily by the human release of greenhouse gases, is having its largest effects at high latitudes and high altitudes. Sitting at high elevation in the tropics, the Quelccaya ice cap appears to be extremely sensitive to the temperature changes, several scientists said.


Throughout the Andes, glaciers are now melting so rapidly that scientists have grown deeply concerned about water supplies for the people living there. Glacial meltwater is essential for helping Andean communities get through the dry season.

In the short run, the melting is producing an increase of water supplies and feeding population growth in major cities of the Andes, the experts said. But as the glaciers continue shrinking, trouble almost certainly looms.

Douglas R. Hardy, a University of Massachusetts researcher who works in the region, said, “How much time do we have before 50 percent of Lima’s or La Paz’s water resources are gone?”

Over a millennium’s worth of accumulation undone in a few short years? Impending water shortages that threaten millions of people? Bah, it’s all just a hoax from all those alarmists and lying scientists and whatnot. No need to actually do anything at all. Everything’s just fine. After all, would corporations lie to you?

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