Sunday, March 31, 2013

Daily Blend: 03/31/13 – Happy Zombie Jesus Day

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Jesus Christ in Easter Bunny costume
  • There’s something especially hideous about sentencing someone to complete surgical paralysis for a crime they committed as a juvenile a decade ago. (From a US-supported “allied” country, no less.)
    (via @tomgara; RT: @ggreenwald)

  • Cracked has a very solid and informative piece explaining how the causes and nature of gun violence are never as simple as we make them out to be.

  • I am shocked, just as I assume you will be, to learn that the much-ballyhooed “college student suspended for refusing to stomp on Jesus!” story isn’t actually what the wingnuts claim it is.

  • And finally, while I find it odd that Google chose to celebrate Cesar Chavez over Easter, it’s hilarious how utterly incensed the Christianist-Right is getting over it. Gawd forbid a secular company not celebrate their cherished religious holiday!

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