Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Arkansas first to pass “heartbeat bill” (for now)

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Abortion: My Mind, My Body, My Choice

Arkansas Republicans have won a victory (anyone else suddenly hear foreboding drums?) in making their state the first to pass a “heartbeat bill” banning abortion in nearly all cases as soon as 12 weeks:

The Arkansas House has completed a veto override that gives the state with the toughest anti-abortion law in the country.

Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe had vetoed a ban on most abortions beginning in the 12th week of pregnancy. The GOP-dominated House voted 56-33 on Wednesday to override. The Senate overrode it Tuesday.

Just last week, the Senate also passed a 20-week ban (also by overriding Gov. Beebe’s veto), which evidently wasn’t early enough to begin stripping away women’s rights to bodily autonomy and family planning (considering how blatantly false their excuses of “for the children/women!” are).

Meanwhile, Gov. Beebe thinks it’s likely that ensuing lawsuits over the new laws will result in both being struck down in court. One can certainly hope – not that such a stupid, pointless and entirely avoidable waste of time will likely discourage anti-abortionists from pulling the same stunt over and over again in the future.

(via @breakingpol; RT: @BreakingNews)