Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Get (Hate) Mail: First edition!

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I’ll take this as another sign of my imminent popularity: After having received plenty of comments and tweets from various hateful pissants, I’ve now reached the milestone of receiving my first ever instance of genuine, bona fide hate mail! A certain Charles Bronson writes:

Whats up, dumbass? How does it feel to be voted Canadas Favorite Brainwashed Liberal Asshole? Take pride in that shit, homeboy, because Canada doesn't offer this planet shit except fucking hockey. How do you liberal bed-wetters get anything done with your worthless presidents dick in your mouths all day? Once you go black, you never go back, right, loser? Keep up the good work, idiot, and again, congratulations, asshole.......

Hang on – first he accuses me of being a dirty socialistic Canuck, then of being an Obama-philic USian in the very next sentence? I’m not sure that says many good things about this person’s state of mind.

So … now that I’ve got my own hater(s) and everything, what’s my prize? Do I get an “explode their head” button? (Does it come in shiny red?)