Saturday, February 23, 2013

Doggycide Roundup: 02/23/13

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Dog chalk outline
  • Clearwater, FL (02/16/13): Officer “forced to shoot and kill” allegedly aggressive pitbull after failing to repel the repeatedly charging dog with his baton.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Los Angeles, CA (02/18/13): Police chasing five stolen car suspects shoot & kill a dog during the pursuit. No further details known. Great reporting, that.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Fort Valley, GA (02/21/13): Cops investigate allegedly loose dog chasing children in the street, shoot & kill Champ the 5-month-old rottweiler when he becomes “aggressive” after they try & fail to restrain him with a catch-pole.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Statistics:
    Shootings: 3
    Victims: 3
    Deceased: 3 (100%)
    Survivors: 0 (0%)
    Pitbull index: 1 (33%)