Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chart: The MRA worldview revealed

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What’s the one thing better than watching bigoted jackholes shoot themselves in the foot? Watching them do it without even realizing it – and bonus points if there’s a clear and revealing little graphic involved:

Graphic: “Issues that affect a man's life in the 21st Century” (least to most important: Race, Marriage, Porn, Sports/Video Games, Avoiding a false-rape accusation, Intellectual Achievement, Custody of his children, Not being divorce raped, Making money (and keeping it), Getting Laid)

David Futrelle dubs it a “terrible chart”. Here, I must honestly disagree; this is a terrific chart in how it plainly (and quite accurately) lays out just where these sickly little creatures’ priorities lie. I recommending sharing this far and wide, if only to further disillusion any remaining fence-sitters about the real, modern-day connotations of the so-called Men’s Rights Movement.