Saturday, January 19, 2013

Doggycide Round-Up: 01/19/13

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Sadie (6yo Brittany spaniel)
Sadie (RIP)
  • Maplewood, Missouri (12/31/12): Emmy the German shepherd-mix escapes from accidentally unsecured fenced backyard, gets shot by patrolling officer for “bark[ing] aggressively” and “charg[ing him] at full sprint” despite reportedly never leaving her property. Owner stuck with $1,000 vet bill and several “vicious dog” charges.
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  • Fostoria, OH (12/31/12): Officer shoots & kills “loose pitbull” that “aggressively went after him”. No apparent witness testimonials.
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  • Topeka, KS (01/02/13): Cops investigating a drive-by shooting shoot & kill an unidentified loose dog that allegedly “charged” them with no apparent consideration of non-lethal means.
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  • Hampstead, NH (01/06/13): Gun-happy former cop shoots & kills neighbors’ dog, Sadie the Brittany spaniel [pictured], with a rifle for allegedly scaring his caged pet rabbits in his backyard.
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  • Asbury Park, NJ (01/07/13): Police shoot & kill Bundles the German shepherd/boxer mix after it allegedly “gnawed” and “wouldn’t let go” of a cop’s pantleg, trapped a woman and child inside their car, then “ran through the neighborhood attacking several officers”. No cops were harmed. Local SPCA chief says shooting was justified.
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  • Houston, TX (01/08/13): Very sparse report states officer investigating a call was “forced to shoot” unidentified dog that “attacked”, prompting it to flee. Animal’s present status unknown.
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  • Adams County, CO (01/14/13): Deputies go to wrong address, shoot & kill Zippy the blue heeler/border collie mix almost instantly. Best part: Deputy told stricken owners, “You can get a new dog.”
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  • Statistics:
    Shootings: 7
    Victims: 7
    Deceased: 5 (71%)
    Survivors: 1 (14%)
    Pitbull index: 1 (14%)