Sunday, January 06, 2013

Doggycide round-up: 01/06/13 – Two-weeks-late edition

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Jimbo the pitbull mix (deceased)
Jimbo (RIP)
  • Findlay, OH (12/01/12): Police claim they shot an “aggressive” “pitbull” after it repeatedly bit a man, while a purported witness in the article comments describes a very different scene where cops shot a non-aggressive dog in amusement. Unclear status for the dog.
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  • Ramona, CA (12/02/12): Cops serving arrest warrant shoot & kill Jimbo the pitbull mix [pictured] as he approached them with a tennis ball in his maw. Deputies claim Jimbo attacked; family and friends deny it, say the dog was shot five times from behind.
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  • Nassau County, FL (12/13/12): Deputies arresting a man for a minor traffic charge shoot & kill Hoss the pitbull terrier after he allegedly bit an officer’s ankle. Shooter also responsible for another shooting in May, and was cleared of wrongdoing both times.
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  • Charlotte, NC (12/16/12): Cop responds to pregnant woman locked out by hostile husband, opens fire as two pitbulls rush out to greet her, killing Chino and injuring Ivy.
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  • Willard, OH (12/19/12): Police executing a drug search open fire on “pitbulls” that “ran out” towards them, injure one, and also hit a bystander in the foot.
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  • Chicago, IL (12/24/12): Cops searching for escaped prisoner accidentally let Kobi the Rhodesian Ridgeback out of his fenced-in backyard, then shoot him dead for allegedly “getting ready to attack”. Owner maintains dog wouldn’t have attacked.
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  • Hoquiam, WA (12/24/12): Sparse police report claims officers carrying out arrest warrants were “attacked” by a “pitbull”, who they shot and wounded before taking it to a vet. The officer was unharmed, while the dog’s present condition is unknown.
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  • Statistics:
    Cases: 7
    Victims: 8
    Deceased: 4 (50%)
    Survivors: 4 (50%)
    Pitbull index: 6½ (81.25%)