Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ray Comfort presents another hilariously bad analogy for God

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Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort

Leading Internet buffoon and recent WorldNetDaily inductee Ray Comfort presents another one of his famously moronic analogies in his amusing quest to discredit atheists:

A group known as “a/sunists” produced a manifesto explaining why they believe that the sun doesn’t exist:

Firstly. An entire desert tribe of men, women, and children was once killed by the sun. Therefore the sun doesn’t exist.

Second. Intelligent scientists have searched the night sky for the sun, and found no evidence for its existence.

Third. They also entered a pitch-black room and studied a book about the sun. Again, they found no empirical evidence.

Fourth. Beliefs were confirmed by interviewing members of the Braille Institute.

Lastly. The millions who testified that they have seen a brilliant ball of fire in the sky are unscientific dimwitted liars. The a/sunists continue to hold their meetings in a dark room and tell each other that it is intelligent to believe that the sun doesn’t exist.

By professing the blindness of atheism, atheists deny the God-given light that He has given to every sane human being.

First of all, that should be “asolarists”, not “asunists”, given that the Sun’s actual name is Sol (hence, “solar activity” and not “sunular activity”). But then, considering he actually believes the above constitutes a coherent or convincing argument, it seems rather petty to blame him for not understanding the intricacies of basic English.

Ray, do you know why there are no “asolarists” (who aren’t presumably kept in padded rooms)? Why, of course you do – your point is that the existence of the Sun is obvious to anyone who can look up, much less use all of our fancy sciencey tools to study its various characteristics. In other words, only crazy people would believe the Sun doesn’t exist, right?

Well, see, here’s the thing with your argument, Ray. God isn’t like the sun. Anyone can see the sun with there naked eyes (though don’t look into it directly!), but no-one can see God’s beard. We can feel the sun’s warmth; we can’t feel God’s dissatisfied breath down our necks every time a sin is committed. We can measure the exact distance between us and the Sun; yet, God is literally neither here nor there. We can determine nearly everything about the Sun, such as its size, mass, chemical composition, energy output, and expected lifespan; but the Bible makes it clear that God cannot be observed, calculated or quantified in any way, shape or form by even our most sophisticated equipment. The Sun is a major player in the natural world (at least as far as life on Earth is concerned), yet there is absolutely no material (or logical) evidence that any part of our environment was even touched by a divine being, much less poofed into existence altogether.

In other words, even by your own exact logic, while there is tons of “proof” (as you would surely put it) that the Sun exists, there is zero “proof”, or any empirical evidence whatsoever, that any supernatural being exists at all, much less the one described as Yahweh in the Old Testament. If there was, we would have found it by now.

Who, exactly, are the crazy people here, Ray? Those who believe the Sun exists because of its obvious, demonstrable and measurable effects on the world around us, or those who believe in a divine intelligence that supposedly created the entire Universe without leaving any trace of its handiwork, and that supposedly demands veneration despite failing to provide the slightest hint of evidence that it even exists in the first place?

This is is why I don’t spend too much time trying to convince anyone that there is a God. To do so is to waste time and energy.

And yet, you spend your time (at least on your blog) deriding atheists for not believing in God and cooking up ever-more-ridiculous metaphors to try and prove how obvious it supposedly is that he exists. Tomayto and tomahto, Ray.