Saturday, December 08, 2012

This week in doggycide: 12/08/12

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Zeus the dog
Zeus (RIP)
  • Carolina Forest, SC (November 20): Off-duty officer shoots and kills Zeus [pictured], his PTSD-afflicted Iraq vet neighbor’s dog, after he allegedly behaved aggressive. Neighbor says the dog was always playful and never threatening.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • San Diego, CA (November 27): Bare-bones police report says probation officers shoot and kill an unidentified dog for allegedly biting and injuring a cop.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Chicago, IL (December 01): Cop writing a parking ticket shoots and injures Colonel Phillips the miniature bull terrier puppy for approaching him and “wagging its tail”.
    (via @radleybalko)

  • Statistics:
    Cases: 3
    Victims: 3
    Deceased: 2 (66%)
    Survivors: 1 (33%)
    Pitbull index: 0 (0%)