Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What “teaching the controversy” looks like in Louisiana

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You know, with quality educative material like this …

Page 34 from Louisiana Creationism-tainted science textbook telling students about the difference between Creationist and Evolutionist viewpoints
Page 48 from Creationism-tainted Louisiana science textbook telling students about how God’s Word contradicts scientists about dinosaurs

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Fact or Theory?

Man makes judgments about the evidence of fossils based on his beliefs. A man who believes God’s record of Creation and history will look at fossils in one way. A man who believes in evolution will view fossils in a different way.

When men write about fossils, especially fossils of dinosaurs, they usually will say things that show what they believe. Understanding what view a writer has is important. The Bible says that Christians should be discerning. That means that Christians should understand what is right and wrong.

In this activity, you will be given several books or articles to read. You must evaluate whether the writer is writing from an evolutionist viewpoint or Creationist viewpoint. Use the following chart to help you.

Creationist Viewpoint Evolutionist Viewpoint
God crated the heavens and the earth. Earth and space are a result of a sudden explosion.
The earth is thousands of years old. The earth is millions of years old.
Fossils are probably a result of the great Flood recorded in the Bible. Fossils show the great geologic ages of the earth.
God created all the kinds of animals in the beginning. Different kinds of life have gradually evolved over long periods of time.
Man is God’s special creation. He is different from the animals because he is created in God’s image. Man is the highest level of animal.


What the Bible Teaches Us

Dinosaurs were “discovered” in the early 1600s by an English scientist named Robert Plot. He found the bones of an animal that had clearly been huge. But long before Plot found these bones, the Bible talked about unusual animals that were very likely dinosaurs.

Evolutionists believe that dinosaurs and man never lived on the same earth at the same time. But the Bible says that God created all the land and sea animals during the fifth and sixth days of Creation. And He created man on the sixth day of Creation. So dinosaurs and man would have lived at the same time. God’s Word is always accurate. We can trust it to be true even in areas of science.

We also know that God spared some of the dinosaurs during the Flood. Genesis 7:15 says that “two of all flesh, wherein is the breath of life” went into the ark. So after the Flood, some dinosaurs must have survived for a time.

In Job 40:15–19, the Lord talks about an animal that He called Behemoth (bih HEE muth). This large, grass-eating animal had a “tail like a cedar.” The animal also had […]


… I just cannot for the life of me figure out why some U.S. states fare so abysmally low that they’ve all but turned the country’s education system into an international joke.

Maybe it’s ’cause of all ’em elites I keep hearing about. Them and their godless, knowledge-y ways …

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