Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election Day wrap-up

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Note: 11/07/12 7:20 PM ET – I’ve posted a follow-up edition with tons more links!

Oh you look so beautiful tonight / In the city of blinding lights …

Blue-lit Empire State Building
  • It looks like Mitt Romney will have to continue campaigning for four more years.

  • Same-sex marriage: PASSES (or is guaranteed to very shortly) in Washington, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota, all by popular vote! Right-wing homophobes everywhere who continually trumpet the “never passed by popular vote” trope, get fucking lost.

  • Recreational marijuana: PASSES in both Colorado and Washington! I’d like to see the Obama administration drug warriors crack down on two entire states.
    (via @BadAstronomer & @breakingpol (RT: @BreakingNews))

  • Rape-gate: Republican troglodytes Richard Mourdock (IN), Todd Akin (MO) and John Koster (WA) are all kicked to the curb.
  • Some of these links are more-or-less preliminary reports, so be sure to look around for further confirmation and details. But nonetheless, today went a damn sight better than two years ago. It’s certainly been one hell of a day for Washington state – gay marriage, pot legalization and getting rid of that “rape thing” moron all in one evening.

    You know, I think my faith in humanity may have improved just a tiny little bit tonight.

    Edit: 11/07/12 5:04 PM ET – Added some detail about Obama’s anti-pot track record.