Monday, October 01, 2012

Minnesota homophobes still don’t have any new arguments

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Minnesota has a vote coming up on whether or not the state’s constitution should be amended to further discriminate against same-sex couples who would like to get married. Naturally, the anti-equality activists have begun plastering the airwaves with their ads – and just-as-naturally, they don’t have anything remotely new to present in terms of an argument for treating LGBT people as second class citizens:

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KALLEY YANTA: Who should decide the definition of marriage? We think it should be the people, not judges or politicians. Right now, there’s a court case in Hennepin County to redefine marriage. Some powerful legislators want to do the same thing. If they succeed, voters will have lost their say.

Everyone has a right to love who they chose, but nobody has a right to redefine marriage. Please, vote ‘yes’ on the Marriage Protection Amendment so that voters always have the final say.

Ms. Hokey Concerned Voter here only presents two arguments: that it’s wrong to “redefine” marriage (a canard that’s as tired and discredited as they come) and that “the people” should “decide” whether or not a large swath of society deserves equal marriage rights. Because one thing history teaches us is that civil rights should always be left up to mob rule, right?

Then again, perhaps the reason why they can’t seem to find any new arguments is that it would be difficult to find fresh ways to explain why gays and lesbians don’t deserve the same legal rights as everyone else without exposing their rank bigotry to the increasingly liberal voters they hope to sway.

(via Joe. My. God.)