Thursday, October 04, 2012

Maine GOP is shocked that Democratic candidate is a gamer!

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Brace yourselves, for Republicans have unearthed yet another explosive revelation about an opposing political candidate! This is an actual ad being run by the Maine Republican Party against Democratic Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz:

Oh noes! She likes to go stabbity-stab at imaginary creatures in a videogame that she plays for an average of three hours a day! Clearly, this woman is unbalanced and needs help and cannot possibly be fit for elected office. The Republican-sponsored Jack Thompson Committee on Subjectively Acceptable Healthy Videogame Habits says so.

After all, surely we can place much stock in criticism from a group of people who find it totally non-stalker-ish to cultivate an utterly obsessed webpage of what looks like every single word Lachowicz has ever uttered about her gaming experience as if all were indictments against her personality.