Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fail Quote: Rightists flame out with racism and incompetence

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John Hawkins is a blogger at Right Wing News, Townhall and Pajamas Media. He’s featured on the official Romney campaign website. But most of all, he’s a loathsome far-Right crank:

Because if there’s one thing that stands out in the Obama administration’s track record, it’s the oppression of White people.

Better yet, what is it that made him draw this conclusion? It’s the far-Right’s latest anti-Obama “bombshell” video revealing how then-Senator Obama (D-IL) supposedly went all Angry Black ManTM mode and stuff by criticizing the federal government’s clusterfuck-ish response to Hurricane Katrina back in 2007, as did everyone else. And if people seem a little nonplussed at all the hype, that’s partially because the same people who did said hyping today also covered Obama’s remarks back when he first made them five years ago.

It would be terrifying that these people are the main opposition force in the United States today if they weren’t so terminally and delightfully incompetent.

(via @BuzzFeedAndrew; RT: @radleybalko)