Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pot raid leads to triple doggycide in Detroit, Michigan

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Hump the German Shepherd mix
Tank the pitbull
Hump the German Shepherd mix (top) and Tank the pitbull

There is so much goddamned wrong with this story that I truly don’t know where to begin:

”Please don’t harm my dogs,” [James Woods] begged police, who moments earlier had barged into his east-side home looking for marijuana.

Woods was forced into a corner last week when the first shot rang out – a 12-gauge shotgun. Woods’ young pit bull, Tank, who neighbors and witnesses say was confined to a locked fence outside and unable to harm anyone, lay dead in a puddle of blood, shot in the face.

Fearing police would hurt his two other dogs, who were inside the house, Woods cried out: “Please! They won’t hurt you! Stop chasing them! They’re just scared. ”

Witnesses told a consistent story: Police chased the dogs, Hump and Janey, around the house, shooting Woods’ longtime companions as they fled.

“They came in like they were shooting deer,” Woods said.

Janey, a small, older pit bull, dragged a trail of blood around the house until she finally collapsed.

“They shot her four times as she was trying to get away,” Woods said […]”

Neighbors said the three dogs, which included a German shepherd mix, were tame and friendly.

Bloodthirsty cowards. Woods needs to sue their motherfucking asses off. That is all.

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