Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fail Quote: Supporting NYC’s Nanny Statism by appealing to endowment?

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From the totes legit sex expert, Ruth Westheimer, who seems to think a sophomoric appeal to a pervasive myth is a valid argument for New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s brand of health-crazed Nanny Statism:

To the uninitiated, that is what one might call “bullshit”. On a purely pedantic note, I’d like her (and anyone else who espouses this moronic idea) to explain by what biological mechanism the fat in one’s abdomen is supposedly extracted from their genitalia. More generally, I’d also like to hear how this argument is supposed to sway anyone who doesn’t already suffer from some crippling insecurity.

(At any rate, at the risk of going all TMI, I personally know at least one living refutation.)

(via Joe. My. God.)