Thursday, September 27, 2012

Matt Barber lies, gets caught, defends himself with stupid

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Conservative wingnuts are growing desperate in their efforts to pretend that the Romney campaign totally isn’t pulling a Titanic on them, and some have turned to their usual lying tricks. Enter this since-deleted tweet from inept attorney-turned-inept law professor Matt Barber:

Tweet by Matt Barber (@jmattbarber): “Media report support for Romney dwindling. Media lie” (with photo of massive campaign rally)

There’s just one small problem: That record-breaking 75-thousand-strong crowd actually turned up at an Obama rally in Portland, Oregon back in 2008.


But hardly content with humiliating himself only once today, Barber then issued a “correction” of sorts and bravely tried to spin his flub into a shot at Obama:

So, Barber’s reaction to being caught in mid-lie is to put on his propeller hat and go, “B-b-but Obama’s still less popular than he was back then!” And that’s as the President routinely draws larger crowds than Romney. And not to mention how he continues to trump Romney in the polls by an increasingly whopping margin.

But hey, whatever helps Barber sleep at night, I suppose.

(via Wonkette)