Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In which ‘xkcd’ makes me wonder if I have ADD

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This is so absolutely and incontrovertibly me that it’s almost frightening:

First panels from xkcd strip [@ 09/09/12 8:00 PM]: Stick figure tries to grab “CALL MOM” balloon while holding onto “MATH PROBLEM” balloon, then is alarmed to see “CHECK OVEN” balloon floating away

Click to see the whole thing. Being diagnosed with three relatively rare and unrelated conditions (Asperger’s, Tourette’s, and a variable stutter), I sometimes wonder if I don’t have some mild form of ADD or OCD to boot as an explanation for some of my miscellaneous peculiarities, such as the fact that I find it annoyingly (and perhaps increasingly) difficult to focus on more than one or two things at once, especially when under any kind of pressure – which includes merely trying to hold a conversation whilst cooking. (I can’t say how many times I found myself about to put the milk in the damn cupboard.)

Then again, I’m probably just paranoid. Yeah. That’s it.