Friday, August 10, 2012

Survey: Atheism continues to rise around the world

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There’s a new WIN-Gallup survey out on global religious adherence, and the news for atheists is predictably (but nonetheless reassuringly) good, as this excerpt from the 2012 Global Atheism Index reveals:

Excerpt of “Global Atheism Index for 2012” chart (with China at #1 with 47%, Canada at #12 with 9%, and United States at #25 with 5%)

That’s right: Not only are more and more people becoming (or feeling safe to out themselves as) atheists all around the world – thus entailing that religion’s grip on society is conversely loosening, slowly but quite surely – but Canada still whoops the U.S.’s butt! Knew we were the best.

(Wait – 12th still counts as “the best”, right?)