Sunday, August 05, 2012

Music player troubles

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No music

I have just been informed by Rob F that my beloved little audio player I’ve been using for my song posts appears to have recently died, leaving naught but an awkward stretch of taunting white space where there once was music. I’m once again a man without a music player and precious little knowledge regarding where else I may find one that’s comparatively simple and easy to use (given that Blogger kindly doesn’t allow server access for file uploads, and the filesharing websites I know of – think MediaFire – don’t allow file hotlinking, which is required by players).

And so, this blog is officially music-less until I find a decent player again. I swore I’d never go back to the traumatic hassle that is creating, editing, exporting and uploading video files to post on YouTube just for the sake of having a playable music file I can post to this blog, but unless I find a way – or some kind, wonderful, cookies-earning soul finds one for me – then yeah, I’m screwed.

Le sigh.