Monday, August 27, 2012

Fail Quote: Rove complains Obama never thanked Romney for not going Birther

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Karl Rove
Karl Rove

From Karl Rove, getting all huffy on Fox & Friends that the Obama campaign had the gall to bristle at Mitt Romney’s recent Birtherism-tinged joke when they never thanked him back when he was supposedly the only candidate who didn’t give into the Birther delusion earlier in the race:

ROVE: This is faux outrage, and we oughta accept it for what it is, which is the President’s campaign is hypocritical. This is not what they were doing a year and a half ago when people like Trump and Rick Perry and others were out there, pushing this line, and they certainly never gave any acknowledgment, were never gracious to the one guy who stood up and said, “This is all BS, he was born in Honolulu, we all know that.” And that was Mitt Romney.

What does he want, a fucking medal? I don’t think it’s customary to go around thanking anybody who says the equivalent to, “Why, no, I don’t believe my opponent is a puppy-kicking hospital arsonist”. That’s just expected. You don’t get a prize for exhibiting some basic decency and not going off the deep end.