Monday, August 06, 2012

Doggycide in Cleveland County, Oklahoma

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Sophie the Blue Heeler (6)

As said previously, I remain opposed to the recklessly shortsighted thinking that spawns the maxim “never call the cops for any reason”, but the more senseless incidents like this happens, the more average folk are going to agree:

Tara Harmon said she called 911 because of a domestic dispute with her boyfriend. She told Eyewitness News 5’s Carla Wade that when the deputy arrived, she asked him to wait a few minutes before going into her back bedroom so that she could put away her two dogs.

Harmon said the officer did not wait and when her 6-year-old dog Sophie came near the deputy, he pulled his weapon and shot and killed the dog. Sophie was a female blue heeler who had just recently had puppies.

Harmon said the bullet ricocheted off the ground and went through a wall in her kitchen. Her small children and elderly mother were in a room about 10 feet away.

Any bets on what disciplining the officer shall receive? I’m guessing some mildly furrowed brows and perhaps a vigorous tut-tutting. Surely, that’ll show him.

At least cops in Austin, Texas appear to get it right. Maybe more should follow their example, no?

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Doggycide Bingo card
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Doggycide Bingo Index

Confirmed hits:

  • Dead Sophie
  • Sophie was waiting in back bedroom
  • Sophie was locked in back bedroom
  • Officer shot first
  • Officer opened fire “without provocation” when Sophie “came near”
  • Bullet ricocheted near other innocents
  • Total: 6/25
    No bingo.