Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What actual bullying looks like: Laci Green gets threats

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Laci Green is a wonderful vlogger who helps pull the veil from around sex positivity. She’s also human, and long ago, she made a casual remark that has been interpreted as “transphobic”, and more notably, has dared to call Islam (and other religions) “sexist” for their systematic oppression of women. As a result, she’s now been threatened into silence:

Email screenshot: “I’m happy you are finally getting all the hate you deserve you stupid transphobic cunt. Who the fuck do you think you are insulting Islam? Your fucking right you made a mistake, and now you will pay for it. I know you live at [censored] berkeley and I will personally smash your stupid fucking face if i ever see you in person.”
Blurred image of Laci Green’s apartment building [From: Silent Observer / Subject: It was a mistake]

hey peeps,

i am going to be taking a break from tumblr. i’m not sure how long. i have been getting a slew of people (who i can only guess are from “social justice” tumblr) telling me to kill myself, making violent threats, sending me my home address they somehow found. my inbox this morning was graced with pictures of my apartment building.

i honestly have no words.

I do, however, even though they all mostly involve “craven, bullying pieces of fermented shit” and variations thereof.

This is asinine. That Green may have inadvertently used the term “tranny” without realizing that it held transphobic connotations means she’s a human who sometimes makes mistake (not that anyone accusing her of bigotry isn’t clearly overreacting in the first place). And that she called a self-evidently sexist religion, well, “sexist”, means she’s a rational being who can see and call the obvious, even if devotees of that particular brand of misogynistic charlatanry aren’t. And really, that she’s thus been on the receiving end of this kind of rhetoric only serves to prove her point all the more with every swing these self-righteous thugs take at her. Thankfully, John Green puts it all far more cogently than I can.

On a final note: Fuck bullying, fuck sexism, and fuck Islam. (Oh, and all other religions, too.)