Friday, July 20, 2012

Fail Tweets: Stupidest reactions to Colorado shooting

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With a fresh tragedy on the news, you had to know it would only take so long before some idiot said something vile and baseless. We’ve already had several wingnuts make the Colorado theater shooting about the U.S.’s supposed lack of Jesus, but supposed conservative comedian Patrick Schroeder on Twitter is the (un)lucky asshole who makes today’s Fail Quote installment:

Ha-ha-ha! It’s funny ’cause it’s … it’s … Wait, it’s actually not funny at all. It’s fucking demented.

And upon being called out:

“No, no, dig up, stupid!”

Not content with limiting himself to being a slimy bigoted asshole, he’s also offensively stupid:

Because gun violence between civilians and armed conflicts between military troops = totally the same thing. Duh.

But hey, half-bit comics aren’t the only ones making asses of themselves:

I think my brain just squeezed out through my ear and is hiding under the couch.

UPDATE: 07/20/12 3:00 PM ET —

Just as I post this, Celeb Boutique retracts their tweet and apologizes for “misunderstanding” the “#Aurora” trending topic. Benefit of the doubt?

(via @VeritasKnight)