Friday, July 13, 2012

Fail Quote: Rightist radio host says “atheist chicks are easy”

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Scott Voorhees
Scott Voorhees

Once again, I have to wonder why in the world atheist activists keep putting themselves through interviews on conservative TV and radio shows. It just never ends well, given that the presenters typically have all the brains and charm of moldy cheese. For today’s example, we have Right-wing radio host Scott Voorhees, all upset over the Midwest Freethought Conference taking place at the University of Nebraska next month and talking with Luke Hoffman, the former president of the UNO Secular Student Alliance, about a Christian-atheist debate his group helped organize last year [edited for style]:

HOFFMAN: [T]hat was why we were such a big deal on campus, because we hosted this event that was –

VOORHEES: So you didn’t go out and help build any homes, you didn’t clean oil off of birds, you didn’t help any poor people –

HOFFMAN: – we participated in democracy –

VOORHEES: – you didn’t do any food drives, you didn’t help the homeless. You had a debate. You know why the Christian kids helped you out in your debate? Because atheist chicks are easy. And a lot of them are goth and hot.

HOFFMAN: Wow … now that’s disgusting, dude. Seriously.

VOORHEES: Thanks a lot for your call. [Hangs up on Luke.]

Of course, those who called him out on his sexist assholery just didn’t “have a sense of humor”. Yeah – atheist gals are sluts! Ha-ha-ha! Oh, teh funnee! It’s funny ’cause they don’t believe in God! And they’re goth! Oh, but they’re hot, so I guess that makes it all okay. (And as Hemant points out, it’s also insulting to the Christians involved with the debate, insinuating that they were only in it for that promiscuous godless pussy.)

Funny how it was just a “joke” – yet no-one was laughing except for Voorhees. I guess atheophobes are right; nonbelievers must not have any God-given sense of humor after all. Unless it’s just a standards thing, such as “not laughing at stupid, bigoted garbage from skeevy radio clowns”.