Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fail Quote: Limbaugh blames Obama for 2008 job losses

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Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh

I don’t usually take note whenever Rush Limbaugh lets loose some more verbal vomit over the airwaves these days, but it’s always amusing to note when he takes his characteristic Obama Derangement Syndrome to distinctly supernatural levels:

LIMBAUGH: The vast, vast majority of problems we have in this country are directly traceable to liberals, Democrats. And I know that that sounds simplistic and it probably is not persuasive, but I'm sorry, I don't know how else to say it. I really don't. And it isn't complicated. It isn't complicated to explain why these things are happening. And here's Henry Waxman -- well, you know, he inherited a horrible economy, hemorrhaging jobs in 2008 -- they started hemorrhaging jobs in this economy after Obama was elected in 2008. Go back and look at the monthly unemployment numbers and then take a look at November and December and then Jan-- the bottom fell out, the Wall Street bottom fell out, and it hasn't recovered. But these people had all the answers. Hope and change. Everything was going to be better now. They had miracles waiting to enact. Everything they have done has brought great damage to this economy under the guise of fixing it.

You read that right (assuming you could make it through all that swill): President Obama is so impossibly catastrophic (literally!) for the U.S. economy that he began crippling it several months before he even took office in January of 2009! Obviously, the man’s developed the ability to travel through time, bringing his job-killing, America-hating unemployment wreaking ball of Marxism with him to obliterate Wall Street in the half-a-year preceding his election and inauguration, all so that the country could pin the blame on George Bush while Obama installed anti-capitalism measures that garnered Wall Street record-breaking profits in the years since and … um … commi-socialism … something …

Crap, now my brain hurts. All this treasonous scheming is hard to follow. It’s almost as if the far-Right’s ceaseless Obama-bashing didn’t make any goddamn sense at all.