Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fail Quote (redux): GOP candidate defends stupid cancer claim

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Chris Collins
Chris Collins

Well, this is redundant: a stupid quote about a previous stupid quote. Just last week, New York Republican Congressional nominee Chris Collins made some waves after declaring that the reason healthcare is so expensive in the U.S. is because it’s gotten so good – to the point where “[p]eople now don’t die from prostate cancer, breast cancer” and others. As some have noted, any point he may’ve thought he had against the need for healthcare reform was rather cleanly annulled by the approximately 68,000 men and women slated to die this year alone from those very diseases.

Well, he’s back, now providing a moronic excuse for his moronic statement:

According to the Batavian, Collins believes it's ridiculous that anyone would take his comments literally.

“Clearly, I’m not a politician," Collins said. "I come out of the private sector. I speak very directly. I actually answer questions. I’m not someone who filters, who is consistently filtering everything you say.”

Yeah, why would anyone be expected to take his words at face value? Just because he’s running for political office? Clearly, the guy’s not one of ’em political buffs with their fancy facts an’ stuff; he speaks from the gut, dang it. And if his gut happens to be full of crap, well, that’s everyone else’s problem for taking what he said seriously.

“Not a politician”, indeed. And with a little luck, he’ll stay that way.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)