Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Attempted doggycide in Menlo Park, California

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Mister (pitbull) with eye gunshot injury
Mister the pitbull

A confused canine disturbance ends with a pitbull puppy getting gunned in the eye:

Menlo Park police spokeswoman Nicole Acker told the Palo Alto Daily Post that the incident began when officers responded to a 911 call on Sunday morning that vicious dogs were running through the Carlton Avenue area, just blocks from the Willow Road off-ramp from Highway 101.

A neighbor had called after one of the dogs chased her as she walked to her car to leave for work. Acker said the officer was approaching the home from which the call came in when Mister lunged at him and he opened fire.

The bullet entered the dog’s skull near the right eye but did not enter his brain, exiting near his ear.

The dog’s owner, Richelle Nice, told The Palo Alto Daily Post that the dog, Mister, has no history of violent behavior but has been known to bark. Nice owns a second dog, Hayze, which was involved in the incident but was not shot.

“They will bark, but that’s all they do,…He’s not vicious,” Nice told the Daily Post.

The vet also concurred with the dog’s owner regarding his calm temperament. Of course, it’s a fact that good dogs do sometimes go bad for no known reason, so we’re once again left with two separate sides – the cops who claim the animal was vicious (and therefore deserved losing an eye by gunfire), and the owner and animal doctor who maintain the dog was wrongly shot.

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Doggycide Bingo card
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Confirmed hits:

  • Injured Mister
  • Cop shot first
  • Cops say dog was aggressive; owner disagrees
  • Vet agrees with owner
  • Cops claim Mister attacked
  • Total: 5/25