Thursday, June 14, 2012

PETA: Violence and bullying is just as bad as eating fish!

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In which PETA’s perfect track record of tone-deaf idiocy remains unblemished:

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A man is yelling at a terrified woman while a young girl watches. The man rears to punch the woman, and the girl screams.

Street thugs are harassing an elderly woman, pushing her up against a car and forcibly robbing her as she screams.

School bullies are kicking another student as he lies on the ground, bleeding and screaming for help.

A chef quietly cooks while a fish on a cutting board opens its mouth silently.


’Cause domestic violence, robbing old ladies and beating other kids in school are just totally as bad as eating fish. (Or the other way around. Or something.)

And I’m sure they’re still scratching their noggins over why no-one takes them seriously.

It’s almost a shame; their message about improving the humaneness in the livestock and food industries is a sensible one that needs to be shared. So why must they always drive everyone away and turn themselves into a laughingstock with their monumental caustic stupidity?

(via Joe. My. God.)