Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ontario, CA bans anti-transgender discrimination

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Ontario (province and flag)

The Canadian province of Ontario has been working hard lately at overcoming its reputation of being totally square*. Just last month, the provincial government ordered all schools to allow the formation of gay-straight alliances, and now, an amendment to the Ontario Human Rights Code was passed banning discrimination based on gender identity, becoming the first province to do so:

Christine Elliott, deputy leader of the Opposition Progressive Conservatives said the new law will "prevent discrimination against anyone in Ontario."

In a rare show of unity the bill, which was supported by all three parties in the legislature, passed unanimously.

"I'm just happy that now people have that tool to fight the oppression that our community faces so much," said Luka Sidaravicius.

Transgender people say they frequently struggle to find jobs, rental housing, sometimes even health services.

Now, it may be that anti-transgender discrimination is one area where some United States jurisdictions are already ahead of Canada … but we still have nationwide same-sex marriage, so there. (Why, yes, that is my universal trump card.)

Now get moving, Québec! We’ve got some catching up to do.

* From La Belle Province (with love).