Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obligatory post on Supreme Court’s healthcare reform ruling

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So, I woke up earlier to the news that the U.S. Supreme Court has narrowly declared that the vast majority of the healthcare reform law/“ObamaCare” is fully constitutional, including the much-ballyhooed individual mandate. Not a bad way to start the day.

Of course, my opinion on the matter is quite simple: It helps millions of people and will inarguably save countless lives, which makes it unquestionably and unequivocally the right thing to do, which in turn overrules any whiny concerns about possibly raised taxes and the likes. Sorry, selfish people, but your fellow countryfolk’s right to basic healthcare coverage supersedes your yearning for ever-lower taxes. Deal with it.

That’s essentially the extent of my thoughts on the matter, being neither a legal scholar nor an affected American citizen. So, to make up for an otherwise mostly empty post, here are a few interesting tidbits and reactions from around the Web:

  • Redditor CaspianX2 has a very informative and thorough breakdown of what the healthcare law precisely entails, from provisions already in effect to what will be going into force in the coming months and years. Honestly, reading it only makes opponents’ complaints seem all the more surreal; how can anyone calling themselves a decent human being oppose virtually any of these provisions, even on economic grounds?

  • Meanwhile, head over to Right Wing Watch to indulge in all the far-Right screeching about the death of America and freedom we know it your little heart can handle. How truly schadenfreudelicious.

  • Finally, a bunch of tweeps are so outraged over the ruling that they’re declaring their intention to pack up and move to Canada. Here’s a representative example, from someone who must’ve missed all those months of Fox News punditry fear-mongering about the countless evils of Canada’s “socialized medicine”:

    Please don’t. We Canucks would rather not have to deal with people like you, really. (To be fair, a few of those tweeps were obviously being sarcastic. But only a few.)

Who knew the Supreme Court was so handy at flushing out all these idiots? Maybe a few more rulings like this will get them so puffed-up with impotent outrage that their heads will explode, ridding the rest of society of their contamination. (One can always dream, right?)

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