Sunday, June 17, 2012

Doggycide in Lee County, Florida

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Dogie the yellow Labrador

Here’s just the latest canine victim at the hands of the notoriously trigger-happy deputies of Lee County, Florida:

On May 23rd, while deputies were looking for the owner's ex-wife, a Lee County deputy claims Dogie became vicious and charged him; forcing the officer to shoot the dog in the face. Dogie's owner, devastated, says she asked the deputy why he did it.

Christina Waggoner: "Why'd you shoot my dog, that kind of thing crying and he goes, 'I don't have to deal with you ma'am and he walked away from me."

Neighbors say Dogie was a good dog and wouldn't hurt a flea.

Diana Thompson: "For them to say he actually showed his teeth and chased them I'm not buying it he's never done that."

Dogie eventually died on June 3rd. The Sheriff's Office claims the deputy acted in self defense.


Christina Waggoner claims her dog, Dogie, was also trying to protect her family by barking at deputies and they had no reason to pull the trigger.

Christina Waggoner: "He didn't ever do anything wrong, he's been around little kids his best friends are Chihuahuas next door, why'd you shoot my dog?"

The Sheriff's Office is reviewing this case and will soon decide whether to pay Waggoner's $3,000 dollar vet bill.

Wait – they slaughter their dog, and then they have to wait and “decide” whether they’ll pay for the damage they caused?

Then again, this is evidently the sort of professionalism that can be expected from a department that is renown for murdering 27 dogs in the last three years alone, including nine so far in 2012. And of course, every single one of these shootings was “justified”. I guess there must just be something terrible in the water across southwest Florida that only affects household pets.

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Doggycide Bingo card
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Doggycide Bingo Index

Confirmed hits:

  • Dead Dogie
  • Deputy shot first
  • No apology offered (callous deputy)
  • Dogie was barking to defend his turf
  • Deputy shot Dogie casually and remorselessly
  • Lieutenant cops to deputy’s excuse of “aggressive” dog
  • Waggoner and deputy dispute Dogie’s aggressiveness
  • Neighbors agree with neighbor: dog was peaceful
  • Lieutenant baselessly claims deputy acted in self-defense
  • Deputy had no business at that property
  • Half-point: Sherrif’s Office to “decide” whether to pay their bill
  • Total: 10½/25