Friday, June 22, 2012

Attempted doggycide in Kansas City, Kansas

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Rectangle the Staffordshire Shepherd

A Kansas City-based Redditor shares his recent unhappy encounter with local police:

At about seven AM our house alarm went off. The homeowner was called. He called the person watching our house at the time, she reported that there was no break in that she knew of and started to check the doors and windows. The homeowner then called the alarm company and said that it was a false alarm. The cops arrived on the scene almost immediately. The dog was outside and the person at the house was on the other side of the house checking the basement door. Rectangle (our dog) ran toward the policemen on our porch. Possibly barking (noone has seen a police report. One of the officers pulled his gun and fired at him point blank. FOUR TIMES. Luckily, he was only shot twice and will hopefully recover after surgery.

The homeowner talked to the Police Sergeant and he confirmed that they knew it was a false alarm. The officers on the scene left before anyone who lives there arrived. The Sergeant said that this behavior was protocol. My roomate is left with a costly vet bill and no explanation for what happened.

A little more info from what appears to be the man’s girlfriend:

This is my boyfriend’s two year old Staffordshire Shepherd and four rounds were fired at him this morning. Luckily, two of them missed. Of the other two, one bounced off the top of his head and the other went into his shoulder. He had to have surgery and now my boyfriend is footing a bill that he’s not sure how he got into.

Maybe it’s time for local news crews to do a little digging, particularly to uncover that police report. At least Rectangle is one of the rare lucky ones (relatively speaking) who survived.

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