Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maine bigots expose their narrow minds to a wide world

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The state of Maine is the unfortunate host to a couple of bigots named Paul Madore and Mike Heath, who want you to know exactly why you should prefer “red states” over “blue states” in the LGBT rights debate. From the cheerfully hateful website for their anti-gay No Special Rights PAC:

“RED STATES” (w/ picture of dirty, battle-worn U.S. soldier smoking a cigarette) vs. “BLUE STATES” (w/ picture of fancifully costumed Gay Pride performers in make-up): “ANY QUESTIONS?” (source: Dick Vorner)

Unfortunately for the homophobes, all I’m thinking when I look at this “comparison” is that the haters have shot themselves in the foot. After all, it’s a surprisingly apt representation, when you think about it: It tells me that “traditional values” conservatives are characterized by rigidly enforced like-mindedness and a noted taste for physical brutality, particularly in imposing their will and interests upon others who just want to be left alone (think about all the Right-wing chickenhawks cheerleading for U.S. conflicts overseas), whereas liberals and progressives are more about free-spiritedness, acceptance, and an eager openness towards new ideas leading to a more creative and vibrant society.

So, yes, I do have a question: Is that really the message Madore & Heath were hoping to convey? Because honestly, for anyone not equipped with an instant knee-jerk reaction of disgust to images of men in body paint (oh, the horror!), that’s all this feeble attempt at demagoguery is doing – exposing its creators as narrow-minded assholes.

(via Joe. My. God.)