Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doggycide in Topeka, Kansas

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Today in grave police threats that can only dealt with using lethal force: “galloping” dogs:

Several neighbors in the 1100 block of S.W. Plass Ave. were upset Monday night after a Topeka police officer drew his weapon and shot a dog to death.

“He drew his gun and fired five or six shots,” said neighbor Constantinos Miklas Acton. “He killed that dog dead for no reason.”

Acton said he was painting guttering on the front of his house about 7 p.m. Monday when he saw a uniformed officer approach a neighbor’s house and knock on the door.

Acton said the officer didn’t get an answer so he walked across S.W. Plass Avenue and made contact with Acton. The officer told Acton there had been a call about a barking dog, Acton said. After the two spoke briefly, the officer went back to the house and Acton went back to work. A few minutes later, Acton took a break and saw the dog, a German shepherd and border collie mix, galloping playfully toward the officer.

A few seconds later, shots rang out.

“He knew I saw it,” Acton said. “He really got hot under the collar.”

Naturally, a police representative shielded the shooter’s identity whilst declaring that he had “felt in danger” when seeing the pooch gamboling in his direction. Meanwhile, friends and neighbors assert that Dallas was a friendly pooch who loved to play with children.

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Doggycide Bingo card
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Doggycide Bingo Index

Confirmed hits:

  • Dead Dallas
  • Cop shot first
  • Shot for “galloping playfully”
  • No apology given
  • Official claims officer felt he in danger
  • Children all around during shooting
  • Cops & owners disagree
  • Friends and neighbors also disagree
  • 5-6 rounds fired
  • Total: 9/25
    Four-in-a-row, but no bingo.