Sunday, May 27, 2012

Doggycide in Hope Mills, North Carolina

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Gizmo the pekingese-dachshund mix

Impending lawsuit over the kicking and shooting death of a pekingese mix in Cumberland County, North Carolina:

Gizmo, a 17.6-pound Pekingese-dachshund mix, was shot Wednesday by Deputy Barbara Siau, a nine-year veteran who works in the Child Support Enforcement division, said Debbie Tanna, spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office.

The department's Internal Affairs is investigating the shooting, Tanna said Friday.

Siau was looking for [Dana] Anderson's brother when she came to the home on the 5600 block of Dalenna Drive in the Colonial Heights neighborhood, Anderson said.

When she went outside to speak with Siau, Anderson said Gizmo followed her.

The dog has no history of biting, Anderson said, but Gizmo began running toward the deputy and barking.

Anderson said she told the deputy the dog would not bite.

Siau kicked Gizmo in the head, Anderson said, which antagonized the dog.

"I was in the process of getting him," Anderson said, "if she would have given me 10 seconds."

Anderson said she heard the shot.

"There was no warning whatsoever," she said. "I heard a 'pop,' and when I looked up, I said, 'You shot my dog.' "

Gizmo still was moving, Anderson said, but fell on the ground.

"It didn't really dawn on me until I walked over to him and saw blood coming out of his head," Anderson said.

"He was wagging his tail as he was dying."

And to show how Officer Siau had chosen the right course of action given the grave threat she had faced:

Siau then showed Anderson the leg of her uniform pants, which had two small holes in them.


Anderson said she was told that there were no marks of any kind on Siau's leg.

See? The little pooch snipped at her pants (which probably wasn’t at all triggered – or merited – after Siau had kicked him). Obviously, the only reasonable reaction was to shoot the dog in the head.

Anderson and her fiancee are planning to sue.

(via The Agitator)

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  • Dead Gizmo
  • Ofc. Siau shot first
  • Small pekingese mix
  • No apology
  • Cold-blood: Kicked and shot in head
  • Anderson says Gizmo wasn’t aggressive
  • Excuse: Siau legs were nipped at
  • Cops prevent Anderson from burying Gizmo for hours
  • Gizmo shot for “running and barking”
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