Monday, May 28, 2012

Doggycide in Forth Worth, Texas

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Lily Girl the border collie
Lily Girl

I think I should consider renaming this joint Doggycide Central. I only wish it weren’t so important to raise awareness about these incidents. Here’s yet another one, this time the result of a wrongful dispatch in Fort Worth:

On Saturday, dispatchers sent the officer to the 4900 block of Norma Street to investigate copper thefts. But an officer showed up at Mark and Cindy Boling's house at the 4700 block of Norma Street as they unloaded groceries outside their home.

The couple said the officer shot the dog when it came out of the garage. The officer said it lunged at him. The couple said the animal was just being friendly.

"[The officer] showed up at our house where he wasn't supposed to be and didn't care what we were saying," Cindy Boling said. "He surprised us. Our 'Lily Girl' runs up on the porch like she would anybody... and he pulls out a gun and shoots her."

Details are sparse, including whether Lily Girl survived or not. I’ll assume – ie. hope – that she did.

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  • Lily Girl presumably survived
  • Cop shot first
  • Dog was being her usual playful self
  • Cops show up at wrong address
  • Cops & owners disagree on dog’s behavior
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