Monday, April 23, 2012

Daily Blend: Monday, April 23, 2012

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Chuck Colson
Chuck Colson

Isn’t it actually a compliment when homophobes equate gays with the Devil? It’s like saying they’re so big and scary, they make God himself crap his pants.

  • Obama administration launches official Stop Bullying website.
    (via Joe. My. God.)

  • Watergate felon-turned-anti-gay preacher Chuck Colson [pictured] dies at 82. Why, God, why? … not years ago?

  • Today in conservative asshattery: comparing the outrage over Romney sticking his terrified pooch on top of his car for a 12-hour road trip with the trumped-up nonsense over how President Obama once tasted dog meat as a child in Indonesia. Is there really no pseudo-scandal too abjectly pathetic for the Right to harp on?

  • Victory!: American Airlines plans to show interview with antivaccination crank Meryl Dorey. Skeptics everywhere roar, threaten boycott. AmAir backs down.

  • Jon Stewart brushes off the Catholic League’s inane boycott, which Bill Donohue’s ego interprets as a sign that he’s “getting to” Stewart.

  • This awesome fan-art raises a very important question: Where’s the Harry Potter animated TV series?!
    (via @KyellGold)

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