Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bill Donohue infects Twitter with his anti-gay hatred

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Bill Donohue (President, Catholic League)
Bill Donohue

Something seems to have crawled up Bill Donohue’s butt today, as the Catholic League president has been even more childishly detestable than usual (which, given his m.o. of child-molestation apologia, is saying something). Not content with unleashing a particularly mindless transphobic swipe yesterday, he’s since taken to Twitter (posting under the Catholic League’s name, which really ought to make anyone still working there question their loyalties) and given Catholics everywhere even more incentive to distance themselves from him:

Yeah, real men don’t shave their legs like those sissy gays! ’Cause it takes away your virility and manliness and stuff. (Maybe it sucks testosterone out through their pores, or something.)

He then bravely waded into the silly Hilary Rosen-vs.-Ann Romney kerfuffle that’s blowing around:

Because adoptive mothers aren’t as good as real mothers, especially if they’re lesbians. After all, everyone knows if you really want your children to matter, you first gotta get jiggly with a man and then wait nine months for them to plop out. That’s how nature works. Anything else is just cheating. And the more you raise, the better. Because … it’s numerically greater. So there.

Look, think what you will of corporate shill and litigious bully Rosen and her snipe at Ann Romney (about which the tiny part of me that cares enough to form an opinion is fairly ambivalent), but there’s just no reasonable rationale for smearing her capacity as a mother over her sexual orientation. It just has absolutely no relevance. Not that it stops asshats like Bill Donohue from flicking their brain-droppings at her over it, of course.

Interestingly enough, the Internet went alight over Donohue’s implied assertion that gay parents aren’t as valid as birth parents, which I thought was a bit curious. Donohue’s been claiming to speak for Catholics at large for years in excusing clerical child molesters as the self-styled Defender of the FaithTM and barely anyone paid him any attention, yet one swipe at gay adoption and suddenly the Internet goes into uproar? Seems like an arbitrary line … or maybe everyone had just gotten used to his ilk blaming altar boys for their rapes. Who knows.

At any rate, it wasn’t long before Donohue realized he had finally accomplished his apparent goal of pissing off half the Web, and his response is exactly what one would expect of him:

It’s hard to say whether he just honestly (albeit stupidly) misses the point, or if he’s just got his head stuck so far up his own rectum that he can’t possibly fathom how even people who might not know or care about Rosen might still take exception with his claim that she’s less of a mother because her kids are adopted. And of course, it’s everyone else who needs to “get over it” and not him who needs to clear out all that hateful shit choking out his heart and mind (such as they are).

All in all, Donohue is a textbook example of the bullying zealot: so hateful that he can’t help but being a jackass, so arrogant that he’s shocked that people would dare think he’s the one with the problem, and so clueless that he won’t ever stop until he’s alienated any last shred of support. And the sooner that happens, the better.