Friday, March 09, 2012

‘xkcd’ slaps the PUA

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I love it how cartoons can say it all better than anyone else usually can:

xkcd strip: ‘Pickup Artist’ [@ 03/09/12 12:00 AM]
[click for full comic]

Be sure to go and see the rest for the punchline (including the hover text).

Note to frustrated PUA (pick-up artist) wannabes: If the only people who’ll look down on you for failing to be a smooth playah with da chicks are machismo-fueled sexist creeps and women who wouldn’t want you for who you really are, why exactly is this the path you’ve chosen in interpersonal relationships?

At least I’m socially inept with both genders equally, which presumably spares me the urge to adopt behaviors more befitting a rutting ape. Too bad the same cannot be said of far too many other males.