Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Preliator hits 100,000!

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Earlier today, at around 10:20 AM, some lucky passer-by officially became the 100,000th visitor to land on this blog. Three years in and 3,385 blog posts (and literally dozens of comments) later, Preliator is officially … moderately well-trafficked. By small blog standards. Or something.

Whelp. That one kinda died, didn’t it?

Sitemeter site summary for Preliator pro Causa

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Total: 100,026
Average Per Day: 123
Average Visit Length: 2:11
Last Hour: 7
Today: 82
This Week: 860


Total: 154,562
Average Per Day: 190
Average Per Visit: 1.5
Last Hour: 7
Today: 133
This Week: 1,332

It’s been a great pleasure blogging so far. Even though this blog really is just my personal outlet/journal at its core, I can’t deny being rather tickled by the idea that over 100,000 individuals have frequented my writings here, not to mention my approximately 72 RSS readers (though that number fluctuates a bit too widely from day to day to be entirely reliable) and (somewhat less relatedly) the 302 bored saps stalking me on Twitter. I know these stats pale in comparison to even other relatively low-traffic blogs, but frankly, it’s more than I ever expected. And I have no plans to stop any of this for the foreseeable future (or at least for however long it takes for conservatives and religionists to stop saying and doing stupid things).

Anyway, I suck at this self-congratulatory crap, so I’ll make it short: Thanks to everyone who, for some reason or other, has chosen to stick around. Your comments, relatively few as they may be, never fail to make getting up in the morning a little more worth it.

Merci, and peace, y’all.