Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Fail Quote of Irony: Donald Trump disses George Will

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump

You’d think failed politician wannabe and consummate megalomaniac Donald Trump would be the last person on Earth to criticize anyone else over their alleged lack of intelligence or schlocky appearance, but that would mean failing to take into account the man’s planet-sized obliviousness. Here he is on CNBC’s Squawk Box with Joe Kernen, hitting on conservative columnist George Will for the latter’s recent Washington Post op-ed calling the current crop of Republican candidates a failed attempt against President Obama:

I think George Will is a loser. I’ve watched him for years. He actually spoke for me at Mar-A-Lago a long time ago, I was very unimpressed, and that was a long time ago. But I will say this: You take away his little round spectacles and his cute little greasy haircut, and I think he probably realizes he’s not a very smart guy.

This is richer than Trump’s bank accounts (at least until he eventually bankrupts himself again). Did the man really just insult someone else’s hair? Seriously? You truly cannot make this shit up.

Note to the media and punditry: If you wish to be taken more seriously and not constantly denounced as one of the problems plaguing the U.S., you might want to reconsider giving a speaking platform to those incapable of opening their mouths without dragging the public discourse back to junior-high levels.

(via ThinkProgress)