Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fail Quote: Concerned Woman asks why pap smears & abortions aren’t considered “rape”

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Janice Crouse (Concerned Women for America)
Janice Crouse

From Janice Crouse of pearl-clutchers group Concerned Women for America, reacting to the recent widely-censored Doonesbury strips lampooning Republican legislators for passing laws forcing pointlessly invasive medical procedures onto women seeking abortions (including rape victims):

"If they want to talk about this type of procedure being 'rape,' what about the annual pap smears? What about abortion itself being 'rape'?" she asks.

There’s just a small detail of a difference, there. You may have heard it? It’s called “consent”. See, women who go through pap spears and have their pregnancies terminated choose to do it. In fact, anyone seeking to terminate their pregnancy need to actively seek out doctors willing to perform the procedure and jump through a number of hoops (which keeps growing thanks to the aforementioned Republican toads) before they can go through with it.

Whereas, having some government ideologues dictate that doctors must unwillingly shove uncomfortable implements up their privates for a completely useless procedure in the transparent hopes of guilting or shaming women into avoiding the abortion altogether – even if their pregnancy was the result of incest or rape – is something that these women most certainly do not consent to. Not that more desperate victims will have much of a choice in the matter.

(via Joe. My. God.)