Monday, March 12, 2012

Poll: AL & MS Republicans clueless about Obama & science

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Barack Obama graffiti: “President or Muslim?”

Public Policy Polling reveals the sad state of affairs in the empty minds of the Party of D’oh in more regressive parts of the U.S. [first link changed for convenience]:

PPP asks Republicans in Alabama, "Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, or are you not sure?" Guess how many say Christian? 14%! Among the remaining 86%, "Muslim" slightly leads "not sure," 45%-41%. ("Not sure" may by the demographic Rick Santorum is reaching out to when he accuses Obama of peddling a "phony theology.")

But the Alabama Republicans are a thoroughly trusting lot in comparison with their Mississippi brethren. Among Mississippi Republicans, just 12% say Christian, 52% say Muslim, and 36% aren't sure.

The poll also finds that two-thirds of the Republicans in both states do not believe in evolution. Two-thirds of Alabama Republicans also believe interracial marriage ought to be legal, compared with 54% of Mississippi Republicans. Progress!

It appears that we need a variant of crank magnetism for generalized pig-ignorance. (Then again, we do have the term “Republican”.)

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