Friday, February 24, 2012

Michigan lawmakers want to ban toy guns

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Toy gun

If you wanted another example of the increasing absurdity of U.S. gun laws (especially those passed by Republican-controlled legislatures), just take a look at Michigan, where a new bill would try to crack down on hoodlums using toy guns with their orange tips cut off to make them look like real guns by … criminalizing toy guns:

Michigan legislators are moving to make possession of toy guns a crime. The legislation by members is based on the growing practice of criminals cutting off the orange tips and using the toy guns in crime. This way, presumably, they will go and get real guns for their crimes?

The legislation was proposed by State Senator Republican Rick Jones — and his colleague Burgermeister Meisterburger. Jones says “People are taking imitation firearms that look real, cutting off the orange end and then threatening people.” He points to a recent case where a gang member was killed by an officer after pointing a toy gun at a police officer.

While I have no sympathy for any idiots who get shot when trying to threaten cops with fake guns, the real problem arises when officers mistake these toys for real weapons when in the hands of their rightful owners. More than one kid has been wrongfully shot because police thought their plastic toy was a real weapon.

But nonetheless, lawmakers are going about it characteristically backwards. You’d think that the solution to fake guns being mistaken for real guns would be to strengthen laws making it easier for police to differentiate between the two, and that if something were to be banned, it would be the actual weapons, not the imitation playthings.

In other words: Actual firearms = fine an’ dandy. Toy guns = DANGEROUS, SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.

“Republicans” should be the new “sigh”.

(via The Agitator)