Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fox News: Liberals want to eliminate the poor with birth control!

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I know I’ve said this a few times previously, but I just cannot for the life of me figure out how anyone, anywhere, can take these Fox News clowns seriously:

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GREG GUTFELD: But the thing is, Bob [Beckel] is hitting on something where the Left is making this about availability to the poor. It’s more about getting rid of the poor.

[awkward beat]

BOB BECKEL: It’s what?

GUTFELD: It’s more about getting rid of the poor.

BECKEL: [incredulous] Did you really just say that?

ANDREA TANTAROS: Well actually, it’s not a bad point.


KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Population control?

GUTFELD: The difference between the Left and the Right: The Right want the poor to get rich; the Left want the poor not to exist.

BECKEL: And the Right’s doing everything they can to make sure the poor don’t get rich, so –

TANTAROS: [indignant] That’s – really? Name one thing.

BECKEL: One thing? I’ll tell you one thing: They cut back on welfare programs, training programs …

Right, because the side trying to grant impoverished folks easier access to reproductive care actually want to wipe them all out, and the side doing their damnedest to destroy all the crucial programs the poor rely on to survive really just want these “parasites” and “animals” to become rich.

You really come to pity Bob Beckel for being stuck on that panel of jabbering cretins, don’t you? I can only hope it was a requirement in his contract and not his own choice. No-one’s that masochistic.

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